Easy Access Sziget

Easy Access Camping

Sziget Festival closed camping provided for those living with disabilities, includes:

  • - The possibility to set up a tent 
  • - Easy-to-access toilets 
  • - Easy-to-access shower facility
  • - Information Point (providing information for people living with disabilities about accessibility issues)
If you would like to camp here, then please register at the following link: https://www.mozduljunkki.hu/home
Registration is required due to limited capacity and facilities therefore please register as soon as you can!


If you would like to attend Sziget, but can’t do it alone, then Mozduljunk ki! Is here to help you.
  • The Mozduljunk ki! organization is made up of a volunteer team that consists of conductors and student conductors who provide professional assistance to young people in wheelchairs and/or those living with disabilities. They will also be present at Sziget Festival! For more information: https://www.mozduljunkki.hu/home
Since there is only limited availability for free professional assistance, this service will be provided on a first come, first serve basis, so register asap.

Services Available in XS Land
  • Wheelchair rentals: Available for our disabled visitors. Deposit and Picture ID required. Minor wheelchair repairs are also available here. Deposit: 30 000 Ft/100 EUR cash If XS Land is closed, call +36 20 201 7507!
  • Moped Rentals: Enjoy the festival without any obstacles! With our electric mopeds, Sziget can be a fun experience for anyone. Sign up on our site and party without limits from day one! This service is available for disabled visitors only. Moped rental: 20 EUR/day. Deposit: 100 EUR/day. Phone number: +36 30 959 9287 Sign up here!
  • Blind Accompanying Service: This service is provided from the entrance of the Island to the chosen site of the program and then from one location to the next! The staff member will not be accompanying  the person requesting this service, for the duration of the programs! This service can be requested 24 hours prior on the +36 20 201 7507 phone number.
  • Transportation Service: Transportation service for our disabled visitors is based on an agreement. The shuttle leaves from a pick-up point near the Island and drops off at the easy-to access Easy XS Camping. Checking in with the carrier 24 hours prior is required at the +36 30 221 1737  phone number or via email to szekeresjudit@nemadomfel.hu
  • Upon request, International and Hungarian sign language specialists will assist hearing impaired visitors at the festival.
If you are arriving in a wheelchair then we can help you get from the airport to Sziget and back free of charge!

1. Message us at accessible@minibud.hu, let us know when you are arriving and include your phone number.  
2. After arriving find the miniBUD sales point and let them know who you are, so they can help guide you to the car.

Our awesome sponsors and partners

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