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Music is our passion

The first Sziget Festival was organized back in 1993 as a small gathering and has since evolved into one of Europe’s largest music festivals. Each year we strive to bring Szitizens some of the biggest names out there, and host over 1,000 shows across 60 stages, for 7 days straight.


Szitizens come from all over the world

There are over 100 nationalities represented at Sziget, with people coming from as far away as Brazil or New Zealand. This peaceful gathering of different cultures for the common cause of music, celebration and entertainment is what the Island of Freedom is all about.


Art and Inspiration

While music is an important part of Sziget, art is also a core element. There are multiple venues including a circus, theater, museum quarter and much more. Artists and performers come from all over the world to display their talents. There are also opportunities for Szitizens and artists to work together in order to create memorable and meaningful artwork.


Join the Love Revolution

We believe that the power of diversity is a unifying force that can help create change around us. We come in all shades, from different backgrounds, but no matter what we are a community who share common values.

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Our Cause: Superar

Sziget partnered with Superar this year, to support the program’s initiative on spreading music to children coming from underprivileged backgrounds. Music is a powerful tool that can help children improve their focus, motivation, creativity and confidence, while allowing them to overcome socio-economic boundaries. Every reusable cup dropped off at a collection point at Sziget, went towards supporting the Superar program.


Discover Our City: Budapest

While once you enter Sziget you may never want to leave, we recommend checking out Budapest as well! There are a ton of things to do from sight-seeing and checking out some of the most amazing bathhouses, to eating out at great restaurants, bar hopping between ruin pubs, and dancing through the night at bars and clubs... the possibilities are endless.

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Green Sziget

At Sziget, we deeply care about environmental sustainability and development. We try and convey this message to Szitizens in an effort to create a more aware and conscious community. Every year we work on becoming greener and take measures towards achieving such goals.

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Grab a Bite

Need some food to recover from the previous night? There are a bunch of yummy options for everyone! At Sziget you can find whatever you are looking for including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and many other options.

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Our awesome sponsors and partners

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