We are all different: we come from different parts of the world, speak different languages, believe in different faiths, have different skin colors, have different interests & taste and we prioritize differently. However, when we all gather together we can realize that the power of our diversity unites us and together we can change our environment.

The community of sziget festival, the global family of szitizens coming from more than 100 countries, announces the “love revolution”. A revolution using the power of our community, guided by love, to support causes that could help our planet become a better place.

The love revolution is our peaceful celebration, where we together aim to:

Live in a peaceful world without wars and nuclear threats,
Share an environment where no one can be discriminated or insulted based on their skin color, religion or sexual identity,
Places sustainability and environmental protection at the heart of our daily lives,
Respect everyone’s human rights regardless of their origin.

The community of Sziget was founded 25 years ago based on the idea of creating a temporary “dream nation”, celebrating and sharing the best from cultures and people across the globe’’. We believe that everyone’s individual freedoms should be respected and everyone should have the right to the freedom of thought and lifestyle, sexual orientation, religion, speech and the right to equal knowledge and learning.

We believe in embracing diversity, respecting human dignity and looking out for each other. All nations and individuals should be treated equally and social and individual responsibility should be encouraged and nurtured. We are convinced that the power of communities, the prioritization of sustainable development, the right to be happy and the power of love and peace can make our environment a more livable and lovable place.

For the first time this year, performances and short speeches will be given on the Main Stage as a part of the ‘Love Revolution Special’ program. These will draw attention to social changes around the world and society’s collective responsibility, with the aim to give different causes a voice at the festival and beyond. All items handed out during special parties will be made of recycled or biodegradable material.

Highlight Love Revolution Special appearances come from the likes of renowned primatologist, environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall, former U.S. Vice President and Founder of The Climate Reality Project Al Gore will share his thoughts through a video message, trained activists Rosa Anders and Milan van der Meulen will also be present, as well as poet, activist, UNHCR Goodwill ambassador and former refugee Emi Mahmoud. Drew Dollaz, will perform a choreography inspired by issues such as childhood bullying and poverty. Swiss Artists, Dakota & Nadia will act out a choreography that is about issues of domestic violence, drawing attention to this problem affecting many. The Superar choir will also be performing on stage.

NGO Island will be promoting Love Revolution messages with their full week of programs. The Green Festival Center, which will host various activities and talks, will serve to strengthen our environmentally conscious thinking. Magic Mirror is all about fostering tolerance and a number of interesting conversations, films, and performances about the LGBTQ community will take place here.

Tents without Borders will be present for a fourth time this year with exciting programs and speakers to help Szitizens understand problems that migrants face. For the first time, the Sziget Portal project will make an appearance, which is a live studio that makes live connections with similar portals and studios around the world. With the help of Sziget Portal, visitors can contact the Iraqi city, Erbil, Gaza in Palestine, Kabul in Afghanistan, and Lagos, Nigeria, along with portals in many North American and Western European cities.

The Caravan Tent that debut last year is back in a new location and with the new name, Global Village, where Roma and other minority cultures will make an introduction with their music. The Circus Raj of the Rajasthani, an authentic Indian traveling circus, will also enhance the program of the venue. In the evenings, musicians of the Global Village will also perform by the campfire.

We also place great emphasis on the introduction of artists who arrived to Europe as refugees. Naïssam Jalal, Flutist from Syria, will be performing at the House of Hungarian Music - Classical, Opera and Jazz Stage, and the 47Soul concert made up of Palestinian Refugees will take place at the Ibis presents Europe Stage.

The theatrical program will include the project of Marco Layera from Chile, which was created and will be presented with the help of 9 teenage girls, focusing on the problems of today's youth generation. Girls will tell stories of their personal experiences and talk about domestic abuse, bullying, abortion and responsibilities of adults in society. The South Korean Elephants Laugh’s play is about prejudice, acceptance and understanding, presented in an extremely touching and thoughtful way. Next to actors, real refugees will also appear in the play. Sol Picó the Spanish dancer-choreographer will be arriving with a location-specific piece that has been adapted to Sziget and will be presented with 20 young Hungarian dancers. The play will detail the struggles and tragedies that migrants face.

The circus’s main program is about entertainment, but performers will also deal with important issues such as the French Cirque Inextremiste, which will look at the cooperation between people with disabilities and those without. The South Korean BONGnJOULE’s performance will center around our natural desire for freedom and persistence to reach our goals, just as the act by the French Le Grand Jeté!. These performances will all take place between 7-13 August, 2019 at Sziget.

Love Revolution Special Parties
Join the Love Revolution and come celebrate with us at the Dan Panaitescu Main Stage!

7PM Wednesday, Aug. 7
 Singing Together w/ the Superar Children's Choir (HU)
7PM Thursday, Aug. 8 
Reasons for Hope w/ Dr. Jane Goodall (UK), UN Messenger of Peace
Roaring Together like Chimps

7PM Friday, Aug. 9 
Lead on Climate w/ Rosa Anders (S) and Milan van der Meulen (NL)

Protest Together w/ hand roll banners
9:30PM Friday, Aug. 9 
Glowstick Party
7PM Saturday, Aug. 10
Movement for Human Rights w/ Drew Dollaz Dance Company (USA)

Flags Together - Bring your flags
5PM Sunday, Aug. 11
"Don’t Leave Me Now!” w/ Dakota & Nadia (CH) on Domestic Violence
5PM Sunday, Aug. 11
All Love is Equal w/ Matthew Richardson & Francis Perreault (CAN/USA) performing The Arrow

Rainbow Party w/ Rainbow Ribbons
7PM Monday, Aug. 12
Be the Catalyst of Change W/ Emi Mahmoud (SUD/USA), Goodwill Ambassador
Louder Together w/ friendship bracelets


Speakers of Love Revolution

Reasons for Hope w/ Dr. Jane Goodall (UK), UN Messenger of Peace

7PM Thursday, Aug. 8, Dan Panaitescu Main Stage

Movement for Human Rights w/ Drew Dollaz Dance Company (USA)

7PM Saturday, Aug. 10, Dan Panaitescu Main Stage

“Don’t Leave Me Now!” w/ Dakota&Nadia (CH) on Domestic Violence

5PM Sunday, Aug. 11, Dan Panaitescu Main Stage

Be the Catalyst of Change w/ Emi Mahmoud (SUD/USA)

7PM Monday, Aug. 12, Dan Panaitescu Main Stage

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